10 Ways for freelancers to save time and money


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Whether you are a freelancers, sole trader, small businesses or multinational, it always pays to review how you run your business and whether you are doing things in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. It’s especially important in an era when technological advances are happening so quickly that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the opportunities available. With internet start ups and the sharing economy it is becoming easier than ever to hand over parts of the business that eats into valuable time or you don’t enjoy doing to a freelancer or an app.


1. Move onto the cloud

Most freelancers need to be out and about, on site, commuting or on holiday on the beach, and still be able to get at all their documents. You can have everything on a laptop, but what if that goes on the fritz or gets stolen? Even if you have been meticulous about backing everything up, chances are you’ll have lost data and time in retrieval. It is much more efficient to store your data in the cloud. There are plenty of cloud computing options that are free (Google Apps and Dropbox) and, believe me I speak from experience, a lot more secure and stable than an in-house intranet. If you need more data security there are also plenty of paid for options. Continue reading

Why I Quit the Day Job


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Everybody is different and will have a different perspective on their lives and the choices they have made. But what I have learned (often the hard way) is that a lot of what we do is down to expectations. The system we grow up in is geared towards a certain lifestyle and everyone is brought up with the same expectation of how is should be done.

When we are at school we are expected to choose a career path. That question – what do you want to do when you grow up? We get asked that from a very early age. And people expect an answer, be it accountant, doctor, lawyer or whatever. You’re supposed to pick something, learn all about it, get a job in that field, work on it for your whole adult life and finally retire to become an ex- banker, ex engineer or ex- architect. Continue reading

Resolution Workshops


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Change Your Life
Are you in a rut at work, frustrated, dreaming of escape?
Are you looking after children but keen to earn some money in a way that works for you part time or flexibly?
Are you looking to retire or go into semi-retirement but still want to bring in some income?
Do you have hobbies and skills you dream of turning into a job but just can’t see how?
Do you make the same New Year’s resolution every year, that this time you will make a change?
Have you just left your job and could use a bit of friendly support to get yourself up and running? Continue reading

An Unexpected Outcome


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For as long as I can remember I’ve made up stories. These were little fantasies that stayed in my head. I tried a few times, as a child, to write them down but what I managed to get on paper was never good enough, it didn’t reflect what I saw in my head when I played through the story in my imagination. They were dreadful, so I stopped trying to write them down.

I never stopped making up stories though. Over the years I built up quite a collection of characters and situations. Some of the characters became favourites and I dreamed up new episodes they were involved in, little chapters of ever expanding lives. Continue reading

Tips on cover letters and CVs


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Advice for all but with some specific advice aimed at new graduates.

I’m sure everyone has received a letter like this at some point in their lives:

Dear Ms Smith

Thank you for your application to the post of XXX. I’m afraid you have not been selected for interview at this time. We had a total of 84 applicants for the post of XXX which we have selected 6 for interview….

I’ve received my fair share, but I have also written that very same letter and sent it out to innumerable applicants. Continue reading