The plot was convoluted, but well done. It was a different romance, but truly charming. I recommend it.

Anne, on goodreads

Scent of Love

Never trust a Zeller, her grandmother always told her.

In a quaint little shop in the heart of historic Sintra, Portugal, Diana Luna constantly strives to create quirky, unique perfumes for her clients. She refuses to change despite the financial pressure of the lockdown. But stumbling across an old family foe might just finish her for good.

Armando Zeller’s life is constantly disrupted by people’s coffee breath, fabric cleaner and body odour. He hates it. He just wants to be left alone to create luxury perfumes in his high-tech, antiseptic lab in Lisbon. 

So when a very drunk Diana stumbles into Armando, accuses his family of industrial espionage and throws up on him, you’d think he’d never want to see her again. But there was something about that shocking encounter that might just have got him hooked.

Will these two polar opposite perfumers be able to overcome their differences and create a unique blend all of their own?