Kindness of Strangers, Life of Galen Book 3

Trapped in a land plagued by vikings, can a small miracle be what they need to survive?


Anglo-Saxon England, 997 AD. 16-Year-old scribe, Galen, and his friend Alcuin the illuminator, are running late. Galen’s frailty has delayed their mission – to produce the most glorious book in honour of the king. They are crossing the treacherous marshes of eastern England when vikings attack.

After the battle, a child claims that Galen performed a miracle. Ill, surrounded by strangers and expecting a second viking raid at any moment, Galen struggles to understand what actually happened. Did he perform a miracle? What does it mean for him and the people around him if he did? Will it even matter if they are overrun by vikings?

Kindness of Strangers is the third book in the absorbing Life of Galen historical fiction series. If you like historical detail, human dilemmas, and a heartwarming story, then you’ll love Marina Pacheco’s absorbing tale. Buy Kindness of Strangers and witness the power of miracles today!