He needs shelter. She wants a way out. Will his brave move to protect risk both their hearts?

England, 1393 AD. Former child soldier Mal dreams of escaping his cruel existence. Barely surviving an ambush that killed a merciless sheriff and his henchmen, the injured young man seeks refuge at a nearby convent. But his plans to heal quietly before setting sail for a new life are interrupted when he sets eyes on a beautiful maid.

Pastry chef Anne Cook has her pick of men to marry. So when a despicable knight claims her as his bride, she begs the local baron to annul the forced engagement. But as the enraged suiter attempts a kidnapping, she’s shocked when the secretive warehouse boy comes to her rescue.

Discovering an old foe led the deadly surprise attack, Mal fears he’ll never be worthy of the pretty girl he’s fallen for and he’ll have to go on the run. But with treacherous schemes closing in on them both, Anne and her savior’s only hope may be a desperate plan to stay together.

Will the besieged couple overcome dangerous enemies and fight their way to love?

Sanctuary is a sweet medieval mystery romance. If you like optimistic tales of redemption, heart-warming characters, and feel-good thrills, then you’ll adore Marina Pacheco’s historical tale.

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