City of Night

They come from opposite ends of the city, but it might as well be different worlds. Will a demon threat be what’s needed to bring them together?

2650 CE, The Eternal City, Italy. Artema Salonoy is looking forward to a restful tenure as the University of Magic’s sole demonologist until a persistent premonition destroys her peace. Something is brewing in the midnight black underbelly of the suburbo. If Artema is to go down there, she’s going to need a guide.

 As Artema and Eladio dig deeper, they unearth a riddle that could not only destroy their city but the world. Can the pair outwit a devilish enigma to save the planet?

City of Night is a futuristic urban sci-fi/ fantasy with a satisfying ending. If you enjoy odd couples, mysteries and unusual settings, then you’ll love the unique world Marina Pacheco has created.

Buy City of Night today and immerse yourself in a compelling conundrum.