Do work you love

I am a writer, coach and environmentalist and I have four main drivers;

  1. Creative urge: I love to write and I am pushing myself to publish the 30 plus books I’ve been working on over the last 18 years. A large part of this website is dedicated to recording that quest.
  2. Freedom: the space to work in a way that works for me and to help other people find that freedom too.
  3. Love for the environment: I have a degree in zoology and have worked in the conservation sector for most of my career. I set up the SEES Jobs website to support individuals who want to work in sustainability and conservation on their own terms.
  4. Love of Challenge: change is happening all around us, new innovations enable us to change the way we work and if you grab those opportunities you can prosper.

Within my portfolio I do the following:


I have moved from writing in the evenings and weekends to making this a key part of my working day. It still feels like I’m skiving off when I do this, but it’s a necessary move to taking the whole business seriously. Read more about my journey on the 100 Book Challenge page

Coaching, mentoring and training

I support anyone who wants to make a career change to working for yourself. The world is changing, opportunities to set up for yourself, promote yourself and make a good living are now more possible than ever. At the same time increasing automation of jobs and financial instability make traditional jobs less reliable than they have ever been. There never was a better time to make a change. As somebody who is transitioning into earning a living from writing I particularly support anyone who would like to move into being creative. You could aspire to make a living from art, music, literature or anything else you can dream up.

Are you ready to make a change? Then contact me now:

Environmental conservation

I love the natural world. I studied Zoology and Psychology (because animal behaviour fascinates me) and then got into conservation. For most of my career I worked for conservation charities where I used my skills to brings in a wide range of changes to the delivery of our work, from restructures to new ways to bring in funds and rethinking the way we do citizen science.

When I went freelance I assumed there already was a website freelancers could use to find work, when I discovered there wasn’t one, I built it. You can find it at www.seesjobs.com

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