Comfort of Home

Proven innocent, he’s returned from exile. Can he recover all that he lost?


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Anglo-Saxon England, AD 997. Brother Galen is anxious to leave the haven of his abbey. Suddenly reconciled with his father after being disowned, he fears he will never again fit in with his estranged family. But when he’s commissioned to produce a manuscript for the king, the shy scribe has the chance to visit his relatives after three years of banishment.

Surprised at the warm welcome from his sisters and mother, Galen still struggles to face those who once cast him aside. And with the village’s priest refusing to believe his innocence, this young man’s reputation could bear deadly consequences.

Can Galen finally find the peace he needs to move on?

Comfort of Home is the second book in the absorbing Life of Galen historical fiction series. If you like captivating characters, chances for redemption, and uplifting quests, then you’ll love Marina Pacheco’s immersive tale.

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Available at: Amazon