Living, Loving, Longing Lisbon – 1

Anthology Brief


To publish a collection of short stories that showcase the writer’s skill and provides a self promotion opportunity.

This can also be viewed as a demonstration of how self publishing works, so if you want to learn more feel free to get in touch.


Short Stories between 1500 to 6000 words. 


Lisbon has to feature in the short story in a significant way. The story needs to either be set in Lisbon or have a strong Lisbon connection for example somebody who is longing for Lisbon but can’t visit for whatever reason. 

Aside from the Lisbon connection, stories can cross the full range of genres from historic, contemporary, futuristic, romance, thrillers, urban fantasy, or poetical prose.

Key Dates

  • Due date for submissions: Midnight, Monday 6th Sept 2021
  • Final announcement of selected authors: 30th October 2021
  • Publication: 30 November 2021

Send your entry/ entries to:

If Your Story is Accepted 

Authors will need to provide a short biography – no more than 150 words – that can and should include links to other works and giveaways.

All authors will be asked to do as much promotion to their networks as possible. Details on promotional activities they can undertake will be sent to all successful authors.


All copyrights will remain with the individual authors. That means you can do whatever you like with the story, publish it as a stand alone, put it out as an audiobook, or add it to other anthologies. Just be aware that once it is published in the Lisbon anthology it will count as a published work and so you will no longer be able to be submitted to other competitions/ publications as new or original.

Costs and Royalties

There will be no cost involved in submission. I will commission an eBook cover from GetCovers, this will cost $10. If you are feeling generous, you can make a contribution towards book production here:

The intention of the book is for promotion of the authors rather than making money, however, It’s good practice to charge for books, even if we set a low price. I will use Draft2Digital to publish the book and will make the book wide i.e. available on all platforms rather than exclusive to Amazon.

If you want to receive a share of the book’s income you will need to register with Draft2Digital. You can do that via this link:

Here is additional information on how Draft2Digital’s income sharing system works: