Scourge of Demons

What would you do to get rid of your demons?

This is an independent story set at the same place and time as the popular Life of Galen series, that are all available to buy from Amazon.

When I was preparing to write the 5th book in the Life of Galen series, I did something I’ve never done before. I wrote a short story about one of the new side characters in the book. He was a scribe by the name of Cenric. It was a fascinating experience because I got to get inside the head of a character that I wouldn’t normally have visited and learned some things about him that were fun to incorporate into the story.

One thing that I am also constantly amazed by when writing is the unexpected connections. I’d decided that Cenric would be haunted by demons. I’d also decided he’d be the secretary to Bishop Sigburt of Crowland. I’d picked Crowland at random when looking at a map of ancient England when I was trying to decide where Sigburt came from. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I discovered that an actual saint, St Guthlac, had founded a monastery at Crowland and he too had been plagued by demons. Complete coincidence, but it became the central theme for the short story.