This is such a helpful resource for parents, teachers and therapists who work with children. It's practical, reminds children that they aren't alone in 'worrying' or not getting things right the first time.

Alexa R Matthews, MSW (Play Therapy), BSocSc (SW), South Africa

Have kids who struggle to work through overwhelming emotions? Discover a delightful story that teaches how to gain control of uncomfortable feelings.

Do your young ones often feel scared and not know what to do? Need guidance on ways to adjust to unfamiliar situations? Want a painless way to make it through nerve-wracking experiences? With over thirty years of experience as an occupational therapist focusing on children, Maxine Haller OTR/L developed the innovative and groundbreaking Haller Method of Body Brain Mapping that has improved the lives of thousands. Co-author Emily Echo has created numerous engaging books that assist kids in overcoming a wealth of everyday challenges. Now they’re here to share simple strategies that give boys and girls the tools to deal with anxiety and fear, and turn negative reactions into happy confidence.

Noah and Emma Learn How to Keep Calm is an essential manual that helps minors solve problems and build long-term skills for any confronting circumstance. Using a parable following two worried schoolkids unsure about making new friends and taking tests, this captivating tale delivers a precise step-by-step guide for little ones to take the reins of their own minds. And through brilliant action plans to soothe their nervous systems, your children will develop a daily routine that will get them through each experience successfully while learning the powerful lesson of how to help themselves.

In Noah and Emma Learn How to Keep Calm, you’ll discover:

  • Super-easy six-minute activities to prevent meltdowns and de-escalate stress
  • Effective methods and coping mechanisms to allow kids to direct their emotional responses
  • Stories laid out using the OpenDyslexic font to address contrast/blindness, letter confusion or rotation, and help overcome barriers to reading
  • Fun movements holistically linking the body to the brain so youngsters can understand approaches to grounding themselves
  • Kid-centered communication practices, dynamic techniques that work for all ages, and much, much more!

Noah and Emma Learn How to Keep Calm is a must-have children’s book that uses clear illustrations and straightforward tips to help boys and girls thrive. If you or your child like sympathetic and relatable characters, how-to support for families, and easy-to-follow instructions, then you’ll love Emily Echo & Maxine Haller’s bright and breezy resource.

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These are great strategies to get the brain on board and linked up for whatever activity is in store and also to teach children some powerful and easy tools for helping their nervous systems to regulate! 
I also love that there is now a book to recommend to teachers to read and implement in their classrooms! When things like this are written in a book it seems more “real” and powerful for kids to follow. Heidi McLarty, OT Reg. (Ont.). 
Occupational Therapist Owner – Superior Therapy Connections, Ontario

Finally, a book written to validate and ameliorate symptoms of anxiety that show in everyday life! Written for school-aged kids, this book can help with challenges involving anxiety and sensory integration. As a therapist in the body psychology world, I am often looking for resources that are accessible, effective and organic as many children with anxiety are used to hearing prescriptive advice from adults. Folding fun, easy movements and how they help into a story is a phenomenal resource as it allows parents and clinicians to take a backseat as kids make sense of what they can do to help themselves, by themselves.
Randi Kofsky, CMT, InnerWave Bodywork, “More Effective Than Massage”

Maxine creates a simple, do-able process that young children can easily understand in order to calm their nervous systems and prevent meltdowns. I have been using this process with my daughter, who is seven, with great results. One time through the routine in the morning helps her get started on track and keeps her from having meltdowns. The easy-to-follow instructions in here will help you connect with your kids and teach them (and you!) a great way to calm the body when things are getting stressful. However, I really recommend doing these every morning as a routine, before the stress even hits. Then they know what to do and how to do it before it gets hard during the day. I cannot recommend this book and process enough!
Abigail Steidley, Founder of Mind-Body Magic Coach Training