What’s happening in 2021

My publishing plans for 2021

Hi lovely readers. I thought I’d put up a short post about my publishing plans for 2021 so you know more or less what to expect.

So here goes:

Galen Book 4 – The King’s Hall

Galen and Alcuin finally make it to the King’s hall, where intrigue abounds. I have started the rewrite of my first draft of book 4, I hope to have it completed by the end of March, then I will send it off to my editor. Depending on her availability and the number of changes she’ll suggest I’m hoping to get the book published by the end of May.

City of Night
I have just finished editing a monster of a future fantasy novel (just over 100 000 words). It’s set in a future Rome that is now a six-kilometre high tower of a city. It involves a demonologist and a young man with a very curious heritage. It’s a stand-alone story but also book one of what will eventually become a trilogy.
You may think this is quite a departure from my usual fare, but I have several sci-fi and fantasy novels sitting in my completed first manuscripts folder and this is one of them. I plan to slowly release the rest as I edit them.

Scent of Love
I moved to Portugal just over two years ago and have been inspired by the country. I’m also a huge fan of Korean dramas (check them out on Netflix if you’ve never watched one before. The romances are all clean, very sweet, and rather well written. One of my favourites is Because This is My First Life). So I’ve written a contemporary romance based around a woman who owns a small perfume shop specialising in personalised perfumes, who has a run-in with the heir to a global perfume conglomerate. Because I am always influenced by my surroundings, I have set this romance in Covid times and had fun with social distancing, mask-wearing and life in lockdown. I’ve just had the editors notes back on the book and, once I’ve finished her suggested rewrites, it should also be ready to go. I’m not good at guessing deadlines but I’d like to publish it for my birthday – 15th April.

What the Pauper Did
This is another Portugal inspired book. It’s a body swap, mystery romance set in 1770 Lisbon – 15 years after the great Earthquake of 1755 that not only reshaped Lisbon but shook the foundations of belief across the continent. The first draft is written but I’ll only be sending the manuscript to my editor after Galen Book 4 so this will probably only be published in late 2021.

Galen Book 5 – Restless Sea
Galen and Alcuin thought they were on their way home, but they were very much mistaken. Book 5 sets our heroes on the long path to Rome and a meeting with the Pope (in Book 8). All of the remaining Galen books are in a very rough first draft and, rather ambitiously, I’d like to get them all done by the end of the year. But that had been my plan for 2020 so I think I will be happy with myself if I get another three Galen books out this year. I hope you continue to enjoy them.

That’s it for now. I hope it sounds interesting and something is coming up that tempts you – let me know which you are most excited about!