My books

This is a list with brief descriptions of what I currently have in my back catalogue. All of these stories are complete but none have been published yet. Some are quite well edited already whilst others, mainly my older ones, have a lot of editing needed to get them up to a fit state to be published. Happily my writing abilities have improved over the last 15 years but it means the older stories need more work to get them up to my current standard. I’ve also listed the genres I think they fall into but this isn’t set in stone, let me know if you think they fall into a different genre.

Advice for self publishing recommends that you publish series of books, as people who try the first in a series and like it will then buy the rest of the series. At first I was daunted by this idea as I have had difficulties writing series and when I have attempted it I’ve never managed more than two books in a series before I run out of interest in the characters. However, I’ve realised that quite a few of my stories are very long and can be broken up into distinct sections, so with some minor tweaks I should be able to turn them into trilogies and I’ve fleshed that out a bit below.

I would love to hear which stories sound the most interesting to you and which you think I should prioritise for publication. If you have any ideas for titles please also send them my way, I don’t know why but I find it next to impossible to come up with a good, enticing title.

Currently I am focussing on getting my novellas ready for publication as guidance on self publishing is to give your first couple of books away for free so that people can try you out. They’re also short so quicker (and cheaper) to edit which will help me get the books out sooner. I need to get something published soon as a next step otherwise I feel like I’m not making any progress.

These are the stories:


Set in a kingdom of the Byzantine Empire around 458 AD, this is the story of a young prince’s struggle to survive the machinations of the people around him, many of whom are his family. Xeno was sent away from his home at a young age as a royal hostage and grew up in Constantinople so when he returned home he found himself at a disadvantage against his scheming brothers. He also unexpectedly lands up being married to his brother’s wife, after his death, and struggles against her disapproval.


A story about a young Anglo Saxon man, Galen, struggling to come to terms with his life after he was raped and as a consequence disowned and sent away by his family to a monastery. It explores his friendship with a fellow monk, Alcuin, and how they cope when Galen performs a miracle which sets both their lives on a dramatically different course that takes them to Rome to see the pope as the new millennium looms.


Francis Ashe’s family is killed by a rival Baron who wants his father’s land. Francis is forced to flee to his uncle for help who reluctantly takes him in. Francis works for years to get his revenge against the murderous Baron which takes him on a quest to the Holy Lands before he can return home.


In a land riven by war a young man who has grown up in a convent and has never spoken is dragged into the conflict by the arrival of a beautiful woman and her two small children.


A young man fleeing his former life seeks sanctuary in a trading convent and discovers a whole new way of life.

Famagusto and Pelagia

A young woman, Pelagia, fleeing from an unwanted marriage and a man, Famagusto, running from a hideous mistake both take refuge in the same convent but neither can escape what they were running from and both have to face their demons.

The Knowledge

A young man with a remarkable memory is the key to understanding a series of bizarre murders of the wives of prominent guildsmen.


Tenebreus is a Roman practitioner of magic who was born for the sole purpose of saving Rome from destruction, a fate foreseen by his father. His quest takes him from the Italian countryside to Rome, on to Britain and to the further reaches of the eastern Roman Empire.

A Noble Heart

Fate brings a finder to a Russian monastery where he discovers a young man who believes himself to be a nobody but who harbours immense power. Will the two of them be able to withstand the forces of the tzar ranged against them?

The Black Prince




Homo Demonicus


The Spirit Lands


A Wolf Once More


Without Masters


Broken Hearted


Vatican WWII






Raven’s Tale




The Locksmith


The Finder


Finder – Luddites




Powers: Earth




Black and White






Space Ghost