Go out and share your stories

Anyone can tell a tale

At our core all human beings are storytellers. We love to tell a tale. It can be a tall tale about something that happened on holiday. It can be a funny short tale about our dog skidding on the kitchen floor and crashing into the cupboard. We love to tell stories, and we love to hear them. 

Listen in on any conversation, and you’re bound to hear at least one story. It might make you laugh, or it might make you cry. It might be wonderfully told, or you might groan and wish the person would stop because they’re so bad. But there will always be a story.

Can you think of a time when you told a story? Maybe it was to your friends while you were hanging out. Or it was to your parents about your day. Maybe it was round a campfire, and you told everyone something spooky. 

Did you ever come up with a story you liked so much you wanted everybody in the world to hear it? It was funny or clever, or had the best ending? Was it set in a magical other world? Were the characters adorable animals? 

Whatever it was, you should be proud of your story. It isn’t easy coming up with a story from the beginning all the way to end. If you can do that you have a right to be proud of yourself. There is also no reason why you shouldn’t share it.


Any way you like. If you like telling a tale, go ahead and tell everyone you meet. Or you can record it on your phone. If you want to, you can turn it into a video. If you like writing, put it down on paper and use all the crayons at your disposal to illustrate it. Or you can type it onto the computer. You could animate it. You could play act it with friends. The sky is the limit. If you’re better at drawing than writing, you could just draw it, and explain as you go along. The sky is the limit.

Have fun

Whatever you do, if you enjoy telling stories, in whatever way you like best, do it. Don’t be put off by anyone who tells you not to try or that it’s too hard. Don’t listen if they tell you to leave the storytelling to professionals. Give it a go. If you enjoy it, then keep doing it. If you love it enough, you could even turn it into a career. Why not? But take that first step and most of all, enjoy!