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This book is a real page-turner - I nearly missed my stop on the train because I was so engrossed! The characters are lively and the descriptions are very vivid - I felt like I was in the historical setting myself, observing all that goes on!

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About The Book

A romantic medieval mystery
He’s fleeing his past, she’s running from her future. Could they be each other’s salvation?

When Baron Castlemere wiped out Mal’s village during the peasant revolt of 1381, Mal was taken as a child soldier by the sheriff. Fifteen years later the sheriff and his men, who made Mal’s life a misery, are killed in an ambush and Mal flees to a nearby convent looking for sanctuary. All he wants is a quiet place to heal and then to hop on a boat that will take him far away so he can start a new life.

Anne Cook is by far the prettiest girl at the convent. She’s just got round to contemplating marriage when a scheming Sir Ingram announces he intends to make her his wife. Anne rejects him, but he’s not willing to take no for an answer.

When Ingram’s subsequent violent actions puts everyone in danger, Mal reluctantly breaks his cover and steps in. But is it enough? Will Mal and Anne be able to face the consequences of their actions and band together to save the convent and themselves?

Sanctuary is the first book in a collection of gothic romances written by an introvert for introverts. It’s a tale of hope and redemption, set in a time when the world was short of both.

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