Fraternity of Brothers

Cast out for a crime committed against him, his future looks bleak. Until an unexpected visitor gives him hope for justice.

Medieval Europe, 996 AD. Fifteen-year-old Galen survived a horrendous assault, only to be exiled by his family. Taken in by monks and grateful to be spared as a suspected sinner from the execution block, he ekes out a lonely existence of unrelenting pain. But he gains a chance to prove himself worthy when a famous young illustrator arrives at the abbey and selects him to help with an important manuscript.

Thrilled to be handpicked for his superb scribing skills, Galen fears the other members of the order will sabotage his newfound fellowship with their whispered accusations. But when more brutal attacks rock the quiet community, a confrontation with his assailant might force him to finally speak his truth.

Will Galen find his voice and triumph over trauma and tragedy?

Fraternity of Brothers is the first book in the compelling Life of Galen historical fiction series. If you like fighting for acceptance, finding absolution, and authentic depictions of the harsh Middle Ages, then you’ll love Marina Pacheco’s riveting novella.