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Change Your Life
Are you in a rut at work, frustrated, dreaming of escape?
Are you looking after children but keen to earn some money in a way that works for you part time or flexibly?
Are you looking to retire or go into semi-retirement but still want to bring in some income?
Do you have hobbies and skills you dream of turning into a job but just can’t see how?
Do you make the same New Year’s resolution every year, that this time you will make a change?
Have you just left your job and could use a bit of friendly support to get yourself up and running?

Make 2016 The Year Of Action
It may seem a little early to be thinking about New Year’s resolutions, but in January I will be kicking off a series of workshops for people who want to build a working life they love and escape from work they hate.

You don’t have to know what you want to do; you just need to know that you want a change. If you do, these workshops will be perfect for you because I will support you through that change. I do this by:

  • Exploring your strengths and finding your hidden talents and passions
  • Making practical plans to strike out on your own without having to take out a loan or remortgage your house
  • Start this shift to a new working life without quitting your job
  • Give you a toolkit for change through a structured series of steps

The workshops offer the chance to explore your options with a group of like-minded people. It is well known that to succeed you need to surround yourself with other ambitious people, creating a virtuous circle of support. Connecting with a powerful knowledge and support network will help you progress along your journey to a new working life.

Who am I?
I have recently set off on my own freelancing adventure, of which this workshop is a part. I am a trained trainer and assessor and have delivered hundreds of courses over the years. I have also been a manager and finally a CEO of a small charity. Running a charity is a very similar challenge to setting up and running your own business I have discovered. In my past life I learned how to:

  • manage staff, from recruitment, to performance management;
  • produce business and operational plans;
  • prepare and manage a budget;
  • work with a bookkeeper and accountants;
  • find funding for projects;
  • develop and grow members/ customers;
  • marketing through social media;
  • marketing and campaigning via traditional media, television and radio;
  • running conferences;
  • managing a training programme tailored to suit the needs of beginners upwards to consultants;
  • setting up and maintaining websites;
  • using the cloud for company computing;
  • publication of books from development through from every stage, i.e. coming up with the idea, finding the authors, preparing publication guidelines for the authors, finding book sponsors, editorial process, liaising with the printer and marketing the product.

In short many of the skills that are now useful to me and hopefully others for setting up a business of my own as well as supporting others to do the same.

Where and when

Come to the first workshop on Wednesday the 13th January 2016, from 7:30 to 9:30pm at Anerley Town Hall, 135 Anerley Road, London, SE20 8AJ
There are a total of 12 workshops, by the end of which you should know what you want to do and have put your first steps into action.
Cost: £20 per session with no obligation to attend more than the first session.

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